Following the European Agreement of social parts (BUSINESSEUROPE, UEAPME, CEEP and ETUC/CES), signed on April 26th 2007 and titled “Framework agreement on harassment and violence at work”, and the institutional executive agreements against harassment and violence at work, you’ll be able to certify your company as one that works “ConFare Sicuro”, because sees as unacceptable any behavior that’s damaging for human dignity and the affirmation of the principle of equal opportunities at work. This way you’ll be able to state how you don’t condone any form of violence, harassment or mobbing and commit to prevent and fight any practice that doesn’t ensure your employees’ safety and health.
Do a first step signing the online unacceptability declaration: other than our certificate, you’ll be involved in any awareness and educational event, these projects are thought for your managers, HRs and all your workers.

All the signed companies will be listed on an online record and any interested employer and/or user will be able to consult it to know if your company is signed and has sent the unacceptability declaration.
You’ll be clear, ethical and you’ll make your employees feel safe.

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