Our mission is to help you to make your:

• institution
• company
• institute
• foundation
• organization
• professional studio
• office
• school and/or university

a place free from harassment and violence, especially gender-based ones, and, in this way, make it a safe space for everyone!

We know that violence and harassment on workplace are both considered abuse and human rights violation, and are keeping equal opportunities from being consistently in our lives. This is why we find them unacceptable and incompatible with our vision of fair work, that we are committed to promote and spread.
6LIBERA aims to be a digital distance monitoring centre and listening point to better understand and act.

Our aim is to know what happens in workplaces and, with this tool, being more aware of behaviors, attitudes and beliefs of employers and employees on this concerning phenomenon.
Multiple points of view help to understand the information we get fully, this way we’ll enrich the picture and validate the whole interpretation of the matter.

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