When cases of violence or harassment occur in workplaces, there is still the tendency to close the company’s door to strangers, often using privacy laws as an excuse to keep away any external eye. On top of it, reporting or asking for help isn’t easy, so victims usually prefer quitting their job.

As a digital monitoring centre, 6libera wants to help you by keeping a record (anonymous but safe and certified, also through tools like blockchain) of what has happened and reported.
The shared goal is to create a general work environment with no tolerance towards violence and harassment with the aim of preventing these practices and behaviors.

To succeed in this it’s essential to involve all the different characters in job market, from entrepreneurs to coworkers.
Moreover, if you were forced to quit your job because you felt unsafe after reporting a violence or abuse, we help you in your job searching in order to gain back your freedom by working for one of the ethically responsible companies or, as we call them, “equality ambassadors”.
Upload online your resume in the designated area and describe us what you’re looking for: we will contact you to offer you a job interview and our database to find the perfect match with a special priority for harassment and violence victims.

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