We use technology to turn it into an helpful strategic tool for victims.

Blockchain allows us to get immediate, shared and clear information that will later be registered into a record that can’t be edited and that can be consulted only by authorized persons.
A blockchain net can, among other things, track where the reports are sent from, giving an outlook on how this phenomenon is distributed. And, since 6LIBERA members share a common vision of reality, we can check all the details in an end-to-end report, improving trust and new opportunities for workers and companies.
Other counties are examples of how apps like this can make the harassment report system easier, protecting the identity of any of the involved parts. In Italy 6LIBERA is the first digital emergency exit, at workers and companies’ service, aimed to create a safe digital space where any employee can keep a record of their problematic situations and incidents like sexual harassment, discrimination or mobbing.

Experts take into consideration abusers’ typical behavioral pattern, that usually repeats in time.
This way, victims can keep the different reports or records until there are enough to share them with responsible authorities. If it’s necessary, the cases will be discussed with institutions and professionals chosen to legally protect victims.
This platform allows reports to be sent in the occurrence of several reports by different employees regarding the same abuser. In this case, any employee who updates records can see how they are not the only victims of an unfair behavior from someone inside the company and, once there are several reports, they will be sent to responsible authorities, either from inside or outside the company.
6LIBERA uses the blockchain technology to ensure discretion and protection of reporter’s identity. This means that no one (including people in charge) is allowed to check the information in the system until the employee sends the report.

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