“From today on you’re not alone anymore, we can fight together mobbing, abuse and violence: you only need a cup of coffee!”

Caffè Moak, leader coffee producer in Sicily, has been with us during our breakfasts for more than 50 years, both at home and in cafes.
It has been always involved in culture and social issues, so it has warmly welcomed the possibility to take part and support our fight against harassment and violence on workplace.

The company, in collaboration with Confapi Sicilia, created a special edition of its coffee machine to raise other companies and organisations’ awareness on the matter of violence on work. The first 50 coffee machines will be gifted to the organizations who will support our fight.
The others will be sold, along with coffee pods, on store.caffemoak.com

Part of the earnings will be given to initiatives that will support our fight, This way anyone who will want to contribute will be able to do so through our project 6LIBERA – EXPRESS PROTECTION.

This project has the aim to go beyond the conflict between victim and ethical employer to make the employee feel protected and supported from an ethical and socially responsible management, giving a clear, symbolic tool that an employer uses their company’s areas (meeting rooms, receptions, common areas…) to promote their fight against VIOLENCE, ABUSE AND MOBBING, damaging practices for workers’ and companies’ safety and health.

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