Here’s some helpful resources you can reach in case of need:
National hotline

*(+39) 1522 – National hotline against violence and stalking

1522 is an hotline created in 2006 from the Equal Opportunities Bureau. Its aim is to create a wide supporting structure to fight violence inside and outside the victim’s household and against women.
This hotline is free and public (www.1522.eu).


The national or local Councilor for equal opportunities is an institutional figure and has its own origin in DLGS 11.04.2006 n.198, part of the Equal opportunities code.

She’s a public officer, hence she’s legally obliged to report all the crimes she knows about to legal authorities; her main subjects are: gender-based discrimination, harassment and mobbing; she works on different territorial ranges: national, regional and local.

In a reported circumstance her role is to mediate in contentious.

She is the main justice promoter in discrimination matters.

The Councilors for equal opportunities can help you because they support and monitor the respect of equality principles for men and women at work, this includes:

  • monitoring the actualisation of the non-discrimination among men and women at work, both public and private and recording violations on equal opportunities matters;
  • finding and pointing useful solutions to erase discrimination and gender inequality at work;
  • promotion and support in juridical actions for sex-based bias at work.

In Sicily:
The Councilor for equal opportunities is Prof. Margherita Ferro:


The Trusted Councilor works in public or private organisations where the internal conduct code is applied.

The role of the Trusted Councilor is described in the EU Commission Recommendation about the protection of men and women dignity at work.

The Trusted Councilor is an expert called to face the subjects of violence (not only sexual ones) at work and mobbing and find solutions, they’re an objective and independent figure who’s job is to record all the information about discrimination, moral and sexual harassment, mobbing and put an end to them, with prevention and resolution techniques.
The Trusted Councilor isn’t a public officer (unless they’re a public worker), they have a wider range of action on an executive point of view, in the sense of intervention in any case of discrimination and/or harassment and not only for gender inequality , but at the same time, on a territorial point of view it their actions are limited to the public administration or a company from which they received the role.

In Sicily:
The Commerce Bureau in Palermo and Enna signed to the project 6LIBERA by using their own conduct code and by instituting an internal Trusted Councilor:
Avv. Dhebora Mirabelli


In Confapi Sicily companies
If you want to ask to your employer and/or to your work doctor to to the work safety Spokesman (RSU or RSA) of your company write to the Committee:

Confare Paritetico – Equality committee for workers’ safety and health in Confapi Sicily and regional CGIL, CISL and UIL.
LINKS: www.confapisicilia.it

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