From a family that crafts the art of selling since the early ’900, we present ourselves with sweet proposals to highlight noble traditions with modern innovations to put an accent on taste’s expression by creating pleasing moments.

Our research is focused on solving new market’s needs. We compare ourselves with other companies to be in touch with newer generations. We are determined in offering only the best to our consumers using our land’s produce, organic and top quality.

Our mission is to export both Italian cuisine and our expertise, all that combined with thought choices, paying extra attention to raw materials’ quality.

Tradition meets innovation in our productions, mixing sweet and savoury to please at our best our clients’ taste.

Among our products, the one which catches the most attention is our Pistachio Panettone, done with only Sicilian raw materials.

Some years ago, in memory of one of our ancestors, we created a brand called “Baciamo le mani” (Kiss on the hand), with which we want to fight any stereotype. We wanted to spread our message starting from the same picture that represents a couple with vintage clothes, put together into an ideal elliptical shape.

The man is captured while kissing the hand of a young lady, as a sign of chivalry, as a sign of extreme respect, a thing that should never be forgotten!

These are our Sicilian traditions… other than the sweet ones, the kind and noble ones!

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