She has carried out the liberal profession for more than 40 years, since the beginning active for equal opportunities and the defence of abused women.
She has been ANF (Associazione Nazionale Forense) local and national manager, member of Council of Cagliari Lawyers’ Order, National Forensic Council and Equal Opportunities Committee Coordinator.
At the present moment she is Equality Advisor for the Metropolitan City of Cagliari, President of Confprofessioni Sardegna, Administration Advisor at Fondoprofessioni and European Desk Coordinator for Confprofessioni in Bruxelles.
Legal Advisor and expert in the field of ongoing professional education and financing opportunities through regional, national and European resources (FSE and FESR). She has attended, organized and managed local, national and European projects focusing on equal opportunities, fight against gender stereotypes and women abuse.
Susanna Pisano is Law and Community Policies Professor at the University of Cagliari.


Internationalist, diplomat, academician, writer. Senior Consultant for strategic planning at Mae Fah Luang Foundation in Bangkok, Thailand. Human Rights, Sustainable Development and Humanitarian Affairs Policy Professor at Webster University’s MA in International Relations.

He taught classes across UK, USA, Messico, Argentina, China and Italy. Ex General Director at UNICRI (2007-10), Calvani worked for 35 years as UN and Caritas high-ranking official and Head of Mission in 135 Countries and 5 continents. He has been visiting scientist at Colorado State University and Harvard University; he published 27 books, 29 multi-author books and more than 750 articles on generativity, sustainable development, human rights and conflicts reduction.
(www.sandrocalvani.it en.wikipedia.org/wiki/sandro_calvani)


Third-generation entrepreneur in the family’s construction business, Angela graduated in Management Engineering, Business Administration and Project Management from several prestigious and international universities. Since a young age she has been active in the world of associations and promotion of female corporate culture.
Enrolled since 2000 in Ance Palermo’s Young Entrepreneurs Club, she has been elected President in 2004 and remained in office for two terms. She was part of Ance Palermo Board of Directors in 2013, and of CPT-Panormedil Administrative Board in 2016. From 2016 to July 2019 she fulfilled the role of treasurer at Ance Palermo. Since 2016 she is part of Palermo and Enna’s Chamber of Commerce’s Council, and since 2017 also part of the junta.
In October 2019 she obtained the role of Ance Palermo vice-president, which she currently keeps, and the 6 November 2019 she has been elected President of the Female Entrepreneurship Committee at Palermo and Enna’s Chamber. In February 2020 she has been accepted inside prestigious Marisa Bellisario Foundation, particularly active in the promotion and support of female autonomous work and managerial careers.