The following declaration is the actualisation of the European social parts Agreement (BUSINESSEUROPE, UEAPME, CEEP and ETUC/CES) signed on 26th April 2007 and titled “Framework agreement on harassment and violence at work”, and the subsequent national and local laws against violence and harassment at work.

Through 6LIBERA you can attest your company as one that works “ConFare Sicuro” (safely) by viewing as unacceptable any behavior that’s damaging towards human dignity and the affirmation of the even opportunities principle among workers. This way you can show your involvement against mobbing and violence and your engagement into preventing and fighting any behavior that doesn’t allow you workers’ health and safety.

Join a more ethical word, sign the online unacceptability declaration: other than getting the said declaration, we will make you part of every of our educational and awareness initiatives for all your staff.

Confapi Sicily signed its agreement with CGIL, CISL and UIL Sicily on 10th November 2020.

    Views as unacceptable and agains its principles, starting from thinking that human dignity should never be put at risk, that any action or behaviour that can be seen as harassment or violence at work, as defined by agreements signed by main social partners.

    Confirms that, in line with agreements signed by main social partners, saying violence or harassment at work means as describes in Definitions section, here written: “Harassment happens when one ore more individuals are victims of consistent and intentional abuse, threats and/or humiliations in a work environment. Violence happens when one or more individuals are assaulted in a work environment. Harassment and violence can be performed by one or more superiors, or by one or more workers, with the aim to break personal dignity, to harm their health or to create an hostile workplace”

    Recognises that any kind of action and/or behaviour that can be describe as harassment or violence shall be reported as any other conduct that harms dignity. In this Declaration are as well included all the episodes and practices that take place in a work environment, even the one outside the work and/or company area.

    Reminds that all the workers are called to cooperate into keeping the work environment safe, where everyone's rights are respected and where all the interpersonal relationships are based off equality and mutual fairness, following the social parts Agreement signed on 26th April 2007 and the national and local measures taken afterwards.

    Guarantees that the reporting victim won’t be impacted in any way, including relocation, even if it’s meant to protect them, unless under a specific request. After being proved as guilty, the reported may be subject of disciplinari actions, and even being fired. It’s important to keep the protocol discreet in order to protect the privacy and dignity of everyone involved.

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