We are Carmen and Giusy, two women, two mothers, two sommeliers, two experts on extra-virgin olive oil, united by the passion for oil, for good food and beverages.
We started this project out of our desire for redemption, through a product, extra-virgin olive oil, that comes from a unique land: our Sicily.
Our company started in March 2019.
Our love for our land, a strong call to our origins and history, that our ancestors transmitted to us, combined with an intensive study on the subject and our strive for innovation brought us to create an excellent extra-virgin olive oil, which tells about a beautiful place, a land that welcomed different peoples and countries through the centuries.
Our olive grove finds its home in the west side of the island, in Campobello di Mazara, near Trapani, between Selinunte and Marsala, in the Cave di Cusa Archeological Park.
Embrace was born here, in this island without time, where a travel becomes a path where you can be surrounded by an embrace you won’t be able to live without.
Our company is young, artisanal, eco-friendly and ethical. Our aim is clear, based on two fundamental principles:

Protecting the environment and human wellbeing.

This is what brought us where we are, while contributing for how we can to give farmers, consumers and the whole society a better life, by being socially honest, clear, fair and morally intact.

We created two oil lines: Embrace and Evosì. They aim to spread our values like:

The universal embrace to change, evolution, innovation, challenges, new lifestyles: because our life doesn’t allow copies, but always fresh starts.
The land embrace, to Sicily, to different peoples and cultures.
The life embrace, as a nourishment for body and soul.
The flavour embrace, to explore different taste shades.
The wellbeing embrace.

We are ethical not only from a productive point of view, but also from a social one, we strongly wanted to take part and support a project like 6LIBERA digital monitoring centre against violence and harassment at work, because we are women and we are entrepreneurs, and we share 6LIBERA’s values and goals, with the aim to make companies safer places, where people can feel good and healthy, where one can develop their talent, knowledge and skills.

We’re facing one of the many human rights violations, the growing division between men and women that lead one to discriminate the other, a systemic mechanism that forces women to live on a lower level.

Violence at work is a human rights matter, just like health, education, justice and other. Employers’ interests are also involved in this fight against harassment. Among the violence’s costs on a company we can find: absenteeism, constant workers’ replacement, less productivity, a bad reputation, legal fees, insurance costs. For workers, it can involve high levels of stress, lack of motivation and an increase in incidents, disability and even death. The potential consequences on health, on wellbeing and on social safety systems can be avoided through an implementation of a plan to manage safety and health at work, that take into consideration everyone’s perspective, and help to build a culture of safety at work.

Once established these principles, we proudly created a special edition label for our Evosì oil, to raise awareness and involve as many people as possible, promoting consciousness on this matter, and spreading the message that anyone has to do their part.

Evosì is an extra-virgin olive oil, a Nocellara del Belice and Biancolilla blend with an IGP certificate, eco friendly and with the Friend of the Earth signature.

This high quality oil contains Sicily in all its scents and flavours.

The fruity and light green olive scent, fresh and citrus-like with wildflower and herbal notes is combined with a hint of almond, artichoke and tomato.

The flavour is subtle and delicate, revealing sweet hints of a bitter/spicy taste, with a surprising ending, a white pepper spice.

On the label you can find the silhouette of a woman, in her simple beauty, with a olive branch, as a symbol of life, strength and courage, highlighting this fundamental concept:

Your beauty and the one in your actions starts with your freedom.

From the first week of may, we will sell Evosì on our e-commerce www.evoembrace.com, with a link to Confapi for educational workshops, placement and empowerment of harassment victims.

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