Our chocolate bars Love Edition are completely handmade, from production to the packaging: we knead Colombian cocoa beans adding brown sugar and, possibly, the distinctive ingredient, we use few but good ingredients. Using Colombian cocoa was a precise choice we made. 4 years ago we found a project that takes place in Colombia. Through this cooperation project, former cocaine fields are now converted into cocoa plantations.

Placing our bet on this initiative means helping associations and farmers in their fight against gangs and the ever-growing cocaine cultivation. During our trip in Colombia, the founder, Innocenzo Pluchino, met some of the people that believed and supported the cause, placing themselves on first line even when, especially in the first stages, nothing was simple and it all looked more like an utopia. We fell in love with this story and we wanted to take part in this project, so all the work can have a positive outcome. So, for our handcrafted chocolate bar line we decided to use Colombian chocolate, with all its magic and contradictions. A selection carried on keeping in mind the extraordinary qualities of this chocolate, but also all the still unknown stories behind it. Excellent raw materials, special care in production and an eco-friendly packaging: these, all of them, are the fundamental elements for our handcrafted line. To wrap our chocolate bar we chose an innovative and eco-friendly type of paper, produced with the excess of algae in lagoon areas in danger. This paper is also biodegradable. Finally, after production and wrapping, the chocolate bar is placed into a recycled cardboard packaging, an example of sustainable and legal economy, made in collaboration with Legambiente Italia.

Ciomod loves women.
Love means respect.
Because what is good is also fair.

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