Maria Grazia di Francesco’s ever-growing love for wine lead her to start her path from her grape fields, that she cares for every day, with a special attention to nature and her products. The land where it takes place is even more special: The Lake Biviere National Reserve, where the dream comes to life. Here Maria Grazia takes care of her project, growing the fields with patience. A vision that had its occasion to thrive in the frame of her husband’s family’s traditions, ever since the beginning of the XX century. Maria Grazia di Francesco chose to support her husband’s project, becoming an entrepreneur and a wine woman, proud of her land and culture, enriching her wines with elegance, year after year. They’ve been grape producers since the ’80, from 2005 a new adventure started: Casa Grazia bottled its first wine. From then on, season after season, our company evolved and, surrounded by Lake Biviere, became an ambassador of a land that is determined into giving its best. A modern way to produce wine that doesn’t forget its traditions, influenced by the mild climate influenced by Lake Biviere. In 2020 they earned the Organic certificate on productions, an important milestone that proves Casa Grazia’s love and respect towards Sicily, writing a new chapter in this special story, in which high quality products meet sustainability. In the company’s 50 hectares of grape fields, were a sea breeze blows, native grape plants are side by side with international ones: Frappato, Nero D’Avola, Moscato and Grillo talk about this land’s story, while, among others, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon find a pleasant environment to grow. This way new flavors come to life, in 8 different labels. Two white wines: Zahara and Adorè; five red wines: Laetitya, Victoria 1607, Gradiva, Emiryam and Vi Veri; a sparkly rosé: Euphorya.

The design Casa Grazia chose to express their support to 6LIBERA is made with the aim to have an emotional impact.

The image on the bottle is a combination between the wine industry in which Casa Grazia works and the emotional fragility that one can feel after being a victim of violence. This moment of weakness can lead to avoid to report these crimes.

The message Casa Grazia wants to spread is that every victim of violence should not be ashamed and has to acknowledge their position and their rights, and that they can receive the support from 6LIBERA. It’s never the victim’s fault.

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